Viper SD4 an all-metal two-seater microlight /LSA plane, designed for sports, entertainment and recreational flying. This elegant single-engine down-wing plane in a two-seater side-by-side configuration will find a variety of uses by lovers of flying and enthusiasts of modern design. By its equipment and excellent properties, this microlight plane is ideal for travel, pilot training, and glider towing. A spacious, modern-design cockpit ensures comfort and a fantastic outlook. A more comfortable control of the plane is made easier by the latest flight, navigation, communication, and monitoring systems with large LCD displays, ensuring a great overview.
Development and manufacture of the Viper SD4 microlight planes are done in Prešov, Slovakia, in TOMARK s.r.o., TomarkAero Division, by experienced specialists in aviation and mechanical engineering. The latest technologies and CAD systems, as well as CNC machining, are used in their manufacturing.
We offer you exclusive photos from the production and finishing, unique photos from strength tests of the plane’s structure under various loads. The uniqueness of Viper SD4 is also in the fact that it is one of the few planes in its category that have successfully passed the elasticity tests of all its parts, the so-called Flutter tests. Have a look at the exclusive photo and video galleries of a Viper SD4 fleet and get the information you need about the flight school and pilot training.
Our primary intention is to offer you, our partners, customers, and aviation enthusiasts, specialized information, quality consulting and exclusive documentation. If you like the things you learn, photos and videos, or if they inspire you or encourage you to propose a change or modification, please let us know. We look forward to your views and ideas. See yourselves that Viper SD4 is a perfect harmony of metal strength and precise fineness.


- An all-metal design of the plane - low overall costs of operation and comprehensive maintenance
- A strong and robust metal construction increases the safety level and ensures a long lifetime of the plane
- A spacious cockpit with and an excellent outlook ensures a comfortable and pleasant flight also on long routes
- Top flight characteristics will be appreciated by not only experienced pilots, but also by training centers (flight schools), their flight instructors as well as beginner pilots
- The latest avionics technologies - wide utility options, excellent quality properties and a first-class design
- Rich equipment is completed by electric flaps, electric trim - elevator, aileron, autopilot, ballistic recovery system (BRS)
- Excellent and precise manufacturing on CNC machines, using quality materials, quality workmanship with particular emphasis on accuracy, security and great customer value
- A low fuel consumption, minimum operation costs
- The finish and equipment of the plane according to the customer’s individual requirements and wishes