Ján Pjatak (USA)

An LSA with headroom and plenty of room for two full-sized adults. The Viper was designed for the American LSA market and to meet the FAA requirements. The Viper has the widest cockpit in its class. I weigh 225 pounds and have big bones and when I am flying with another guy bigger than me we are comfortable. There is no shoulder touching and plenty of headroom because of the bubble canopy. You can fly up to 400 miles on standard tanks — that’s about four hours. That isn’t a problem with the Viper, that you get a stiff neck after a couple of hours. There is also an option for bigger tanks that allow you to fly up to six hours. We tested it by dropping the airplane from 15 feet up. It also has a glider hook on it and is certificated to be a tow airplane, so it could be used for that.

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