Interactive virtual tour

We wish you a wonderful visual experience

We offer to you a modern interactive presentation graceful color schemes of Viper SD4, with descriptions, so-called virtual view of exteriors and interiors of selected aircraft Viper SD4. This view is sorted by that way - exterior, then the interior. Aircraft are selected with an emphasis on design, color variety, and equipment for instrument panels. Presenting of the interior by moving the cursor on the device is shown his short description.

Control of aircraft`s exterior :

Presentation either start button "Play", the individual images are changed themselves for a time, or you can control by "arrows".

Control of aircraft`s interior:

Controls using mouse movements with the left button pressed. Or simply use the arrows in all directions, also be able to zoom in and zoom out details of the instrument panel. Mouse control is not possible when the cursor is in the description of devices.

Presentation 1 - interior (Instrument panel with one combined EFIS & EMS):

Presentation 2 - interior (Instrument panel with two digital instruments EFIS and EMS):

Presentation 3 - interor (Instrument panel with a complex SkyView system - 2 digital glasscockpit EFIS and EMS):