Diego Donna (Italy)

Viper is an excellent low wing aircraft which does not seek excessiveness but rather comfort and worthiness. Classic construction, the airplane sits on a wide main landing gear which could easily accommodate. The cockpit is the most comfortable and widest I have ever tried on aircraft of this class, it's well ventilated which is very appreciated under its large canopy.
In flight, I noticed two things, a perfect balance of the ailerons which work practically on their own during strong turbulence and a perfect right sided of the axis of the engine which allows cruise flight with perfect control. Both qualities which are usually not found in light aircraft.

Frank-Peter Bär (Germany)

I can say, that the viper is flying perfectly. Now I have several hours on the Viper and I can find nothing that is not positive. Viper flies very stable in all conditions in turbulence and in the crosswind up to 15kts. Viper looks like beautiful all the times.

Wiliam Harasym (USA)

Very beautiful aircraft, wish I had one. Keep up great work!

Radek Ligurský (Czech Republic)

After my pleasant and personal experience I would like to recommend the flying on Viper to anyone who wants to enjoy flying, who wants to fly comfortably, enjoying modern amenities and gorgeous plane design. For travel, recreation and sport flying is Viper SD-4 an ideal solution, that appreciate the passionate and demanding pilots and fans of modern flying.

Lennart Arvidson (Sweden)

This a great aircraft. Good design and very well built. Perfect for schooling and for clubs. I'm a proud Viper owner and importer for TomarkAero.

Ján Pjatak (USA)

An LSA with headroom and plenty of room for two full-sized adults. The Viper was designed for the American LSA market and to meet the FAA requirements. The Viper has the widest cockpit in its class. I weigh 225 pounds and have big bones and when I am flying with another guy bigger than me we are comfortable. There is no shoulder touching and plenty of headroom because of the bubble canopy. You can fly up to 400 miles on standard tanks — that’s about four hours. That isn’t a problem with the Viper, that you get a stiff neck after a couple of hours. There is also an option for bigger tanks that allow you to fly up to six hours. We tested it by dropping the airplane from 15 feet up. It also has a glider hook on it and is certificated to be a tow airplane, so it could be used for that.

Miroslav Rakušan(Czech Republic)

The old adage says: As the aircraft looks like, as well as flies. In this case of Viper that applies to 110%. Cab tilts rearward, boarding is therefore very comfortable. The dashboard, in our case "Glass cockpit” with backup analogue instruments, is very comprehensible. The controls are placed in the natural reach of the pilot and where they should be. The manufacturer offers a range of levels and avionics, so everyone can choose according to your tastes.

Very suitable is also the location and shape of the gas handle, the raised pedestal in the middle of the dashboard. Under the throttle control is as well-located brake and electrical control flaps. I perceive Viper as excellent aircraft for various pilots and flight fans.