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Viper SD4 is an all-metal two-seater microlight/LSA aeroplane, ideal for sports, entertainment, and recreational flying. Fore a number of years, this very clean, fine, and elegant looking low-wing aeroplane with the side-by-side seat configuration finds a variety of uses among lovers of flying and enthusiasts of modern design. With its excellent equipment and flight characteristics, Viper is a great means for touring, pilot training, and glider towing. Its spacious, modern-design cockpit ensures comfort and a fantastic outlook. More comfortable flying of the aeroplane is enabled by the latest flight, navigation, communication, and top monitoring systems with large LCDs, securing an excellent overview. Rich equipment  is completed by electric flaps, electric trim - elevator, aileron, autopilot, ballistic recovery system (BRS). Viper SD4 has EASA-approved flight conditions, has obtained a “Permit to Fly”, and is certified in a number of national environments and aeroplane categories.

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